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Naturalpes SA is the pioneer of CBD wellness. All products are natural, and production is ecologically responsible and ethical. Grown in the Valais, Naturalpes CBD is produced using a process that respects the nature and active ingredients of the Cannabis plant.

Project objectives

Naturalpes needed to revamp its identity to become more corporate. The logo has not changed in form, but it has been simplified. Now monochrome instead of the green and orange of before, we’ve added a feel-good factor with a more watercolor-like green. We then created all the packaging with our intern at the time, Noam Vulcan.

We also helped Naturalpes with their SEO strategy, taking them to pole position under the query “CBD Switzerland” in just 1 year, a position they’ve held ever since.


  • Visual identity redesign
  • Packaging design
  • Creation of visuals for online promotion
  • Various communication media (POS)
  • 12-month SEO audit, strategy and implementation
Site internet naturalpes