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An application that makes a difference.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you’re a growing business, an ambitious entrepreneur, or an organization looking to stand out, we’re here to turn your ideas into an application.

360° Expertise

Design, technology, and marketing under one roof.

Our team consists of developers, UI/UX designers, and marketing specialists ready to turn your ideas into reality.

Collaborative Approach

Our commitment is to become your partner.

We believe in transparent communication and close collaboration. Your ideas and feedback are essential at every stage of the development process.

Tangible Results

One stage; one deliverable, and it’s 100% satisfaction or your money back.

We have a strong track record of successful application creations that have delivered tangible results for our clients. Your success is our priority.

Continuous Innovation

We are passionate about technology and innovation.

We stay updated with the latest trends and technologies to ensure your application remains sustainable.

How ?

You have the idea; we make it a reality!

UI / UX Design

My goals are clear. I need a complete mockup and a prototype of the application before starting the development.

  • Specification document establishment
  • UI/UX prototyping
  • Custom development
  • Setting up a landing page with tutorials
  • Multi-profile access management
  • QA Testing
  • Technical support and maintenance


The mockups and prototypes are ready. I need one or more developers to bring my application to life.

  • Front-End & Back-end Development
  • Integration of specific features
  • Security and data protection
  • Integration and performance testing
  • Deployment
  • User training
  • Initial support


I have an existing application, but my processes are limited. I would like to expand the features it offers.

  • Corrective maintenance
  • Security updates
  • Feature enhancements
  • Performance optimization
  • User feedback integration
  • Data analysis and reports
  • Long-term strategy planning
  • Continuous technical support

Creating and Evolving Your Application

We offer tailored support for the development of your app. We will be by your side from the initial ideation stages to the launch of your app. We’ll help you validate the concepts through prototype development, then assist you in the construction and launch of your app in the market.


Market Study

  • Discovery workshop
  • Market Research
  • Definition of the specifications document
  • Validation of the specifications document

Design & Development

    • UI / UX Design
    • Prototyping
    • Development

Launch & Future

    • User testing
    • Improvement
    • Quality assurance

Maintenance & Evolution

    • Adding functionality
    • Problem resolution
    • Technological monitoring
    • Allocated resources

DC Control Business Application

Étude de cas

Advertising Location Management Solution

Developed for the pharmacy group Directcare SA, this business application allows tracking the installation of advertising actions in retail locations (pharmacies). The group can monitor the real-time distribution of advertisements and create reports for brands. This application is a first iteration towards developing this solution for other industries.

  • Specification document establishment
  • UI/UX prototyping
  • Custom development
  • Setting up a landing page with tutorials
  • Multi-profile access management
  • QA Testing
  • Technical support and maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important to take the time to reflect on these questions before embarking on creating a website, to guide our team’s choices and obtain a site that adequately meets your objectives and needs.

What are my company's specific needs for this business application?

To meet your specific needs, we’ll carry out a detailed analysis of your company and business processes to understand exactly what you need for this application.

How can this application integrate with other existing systems in my company?

We can integrate the application with other existing systems in your company, such as your CRM or ERP, for a seamless user experience and greater efficiency.

What is the estimated cost of creating and maintaining this application?

The estimated cost of creating and maintaining the application will depend on the complexity of the features and the specific needs of your business. We can provide you with a quotation after our first discovery meeting and initial analysis of your business and processes.

How long will it take to set up this application?

The time needed to implement the application will depend on a number of factors, such as the complexity of the functionality required, the availability of the necessary resources, development time, and any delays in testing and deployment. We strive to meet your deadlines while guaranteeing the quality of the application.

We’ll start with a detailed analysis of your needs to establish a project plan and define delivery deadlines. We’ll keep you informed throughout the development process so that you can follow the project’s progress.

It is important to note that deadlines are subject to change in response to changing requirements or unforeseen technical events. However, we will work closely with you to manage these changes effectively and keep delivery times as close as possible to those agreed.